A paperless, cost saving and maintenance-free fax solution for your business

The virtual faxserver takes over all operations your previous fax server did so far. To send a fax you have nothing to do but to send an email to "(Fax-No.)@FAX.de". Recieved faxes arrive conveniently in the email box of your staff.

Email, printer driver, Apple iPhone and iPad, XML interface, all all kinds of communication channels are available at FAX.de by using a virtual fax server.

Administrators maintain and control the virtual fax server via the CustomerCenter. On this reception staff numbers can be setted up or controlled.

Your fax numbers can be kept! The cables are routed to the data center in Hamburg. Of course, you can also receive FAX.de numbers to use with your own area code.

The virtual fax server in your enterprise


The virtual fax server will be integrated seamlessly in your business operations. Faxes will be sent and received by email or 'EasyClient'™ (printer driver).Faxes can be sent and received on Apple iPhone™, iPad™ or Android too - necessary for mobile use.

Small or big

It doesn't matter whether you want to equip a staff of 25 or more than 1000 employees. Faxes will be delivered promptly because of FAX.de's high performance computer center with night and day control and fibre-optic cable connections to the most important telephone providers worldwide.

Recieving faxes

Do you need fax numbers from all over the world? In this matter too we can help by offering fax numbers in more than 7000 regions worldwide. If you want to keep a well-established fax number we will help you to set a routing to FAX.de.


You can manage and control the whole staff centrally using FAX.de's clearly arranged client center. And account data can be imported from Excel tables at ease.

Fax mobile

Do want to send a fax from on the road? FAX.de is the easy way to do so: Take a picture of you document, type the fax number and at once your virtuel fax server will send it.


We forward in high quality: black/white, 200*200 dpi.If you prefer (and your recipient uses compatible fax equipment)you can send colored faxes by 400x200 dpi.


No costs for installation, no charges for set-up and no basic fees! One fax page sent to a german recipient costs nothing but 6,9 Eurocent. So having booked the smallest tariff (minimum business volume Euro 69,-) you can send 1000 faxpages monthly. For major quantities please call 0049 4185-79 52 32.

Validity period of agreement

Having an own fax number you can quit the service by a month's notice. If you booked a FAX.de's faxnumber you can cancel within a year. So the fax number is reserved for minimum one years use.

SMS, postal letters and qualified signatures

FAX.de not only sends out faxes but SMS messages and real letter post (to Germany or Europe)and generates qualified signatures on PDF-documents (mostly computations). The virtuel fax server enables our customers to use these services according to their prevailing needs. It's comfortable and very easy!

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